April, 2023 Newsletter

The end of the second term of the academic year brought many exciting events for Empowering Children School, as we celebrated our successes. On Friday we held an award day, giving recognition and prizes for hard working students. Prizes were given for best academic performance, best behavior, best English speaker, most punctual, most tidy, most helpful, and top scores in all subjects.  In this way we encourage our students to continue to work hard. 

On Sunday, our Thanksgiving Day, the whole school attended a Sunday church service in Congo Town, along with parents. After the church service we marched from the church to our school compound. We marched in groups; the scouts, the Red Cross, the brigade, students, and parents. Many of our students also belong to these other groups, and so wore the uniforms of these groups. The students who are not members of other groups, wore the normal school ceremonial uniform. Parents marched along with us. 

On this Thanksgiving Day we send many thanks to Dan Woodard and Woodard Mortgage Group for providing us with a school building for three consecutive years. This enables us to provide continuous education to the children in poverty-stricken communities. These students will grow up to have opportunities to obtain employment, rise out of poverty, and become better citizens of the world. 

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