Transforming Lives Through Education


The Empowering Children School  began in the slums of Congo Town in 2009.  The people who live in the slums face many difficulties, including harsh environmental conditions. Flooding occurs regularly, causing loss of lives and property. The school was becoming increasingly crowded, and then 2 years ago lost their lease. A new building in a better area was finally located. Volunteers worked to renovate the building and make a playground. Woodard Mortgage Group at CIMG Residential Mortgage funded furniture, white boards, and computers for all classrooms. The school opened for classes on schedule.

It is the vision of SHARP to purchase this building for The Empowering Children School. It is also the vision for the future to build a college of Morden Technology in the rural district, and provide low cost housing in order to relocate families from the flood prone slums. 

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