The Vehicle that Brings Students to Our New School


Two years ago Safe Haven relocated the Empowering Children School to a safer area with a more spacious building. Our beautiful, new school site is a 25 minute walk from the previous school in Congo Town, and before acquiring the bus pupils were often late for school or tired when they arrived. Many were often absent due to the distance required to walk.

Board Member, Sarika Jain Patel, did a fundraiser for a bus in honor of her daughter’s first birthday. These funds, combined with funds from Dan Woodard and Woodard Mortgage Group with CIMG Residential Mortgage enabled the purchase of a van for transporting children from the slums to the new school.

This bus has been life changing for our school, transporting over one hundred pupils to and from the school each day.

90% of pupils attending The Empowering Children School are from Congo Town and surrounding communities.