February 2023 Newsletter – Farm news updates and more

Farm News

The first meeting of 2023 for The Solution to Hunger farm program took place at the home of the village chief in Makonkonday Village, Waterloo. We had a large turnout with over 51 farmers attending the meeting.

Our seed center is based in Waterloo, but trainings were held elsewhere last year, causing some difficulties in participation due to travel required. We have now resolved the issue, as we are going to host the training at a farm house in the village. Our instructors will come to the village site to conduct training sessions from the agriculture ministry. This should enable us to have a full turnout.

Training participants are expected to fully understand the basic practice of crop production, including techniques of soil preparation, planting, crop growth, fertilizing, harvesting, storage, and marketing. Other training participants are expected to fully understand how to manage local water systems. All participants will indicate their learning through pre and post surveys.

Farmers who participate through our training program are automatically qualified to apply for our no interest seeds loans. Farmers who were successfully able to refund the loans they received last year are qualified to apply for twice the amount this year, and farmers who were not able to repay their loans are qualified to apply for half the amount. The 51 farmers who attended indicated their need for seeds to grow crops as follows: 39 peanuts, 5 okra, 3 peppers, 2 cucumber, 1 cassava, and 1 rice. Read more

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