SHARP March 2023 Newsletter


Our 2023 begins with meeting small farm holders as the farm preparation activities for the new planting season begins in the early months of the year.

Children learn life skills and apply them to their everyday learning activities. The lesson also covers the 3R’s ( reduce, reuse, recycle) as the students reuse water bottles to line their garden bed.

“After years of community work in the slums, SHARP is an effective local disaster response coordinator. Each year our network of volunteer first responders is prepared for the floods. We collect and distribute emergency supplies, coordinate with hospitals and local transportation, and minimize the risk of injuries, illnesses, and loss of property due to the annual floods. Each flood season, we support 100 households and 750 people, preventing the worst impacts of the floods.

With your support, we can help relocate these families to safe haven zones that will never get hit again by floods. These families won’t face the impact of the loss of property or loss of lives they currently face each year.” Ibrahim A. Kamara 


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