May, 2023 Newsletter

It is time to plant peanuts, called groundnuts in Sierra Leone. Peanuts and rice are easier to grow than vegetables, as they do not require as much fertilizer or water, and are not as susceptible to pests. SHARP received a few donations earmarked for seeds, and Ibrahim and team was able to purchase enough seeds for 40 farmers to plant a crop! The seeds were purchased through the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Ibrahim visited each farm, as SHARP required the land be ready to plant in order to receive the seeds. On April 30 the seeds were distributed to each farmer. The farmers were very happy, as they would never have been able to purchase these seeds. Ibrahim plans to assist the farmers growing vegetables as these are more difficult, and will also have vegetables planted on our Solution to Hunger Farm.

There is more exciting news! Upon learning that the farmers used only very crude tools for clearing land and farming, another supporter made a generous donation to purchase tools. With this money, SHARP will purchase a variety of tools and begin a tool loan program. This will make farming so much easier for them! We have written two grants, and are hoping to have them funded so that we can purchase more tools in the future, maybe even a tiller!  This is a great step in reducing hunger in this community.

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